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About us

The Journal Scientific Atlas is a new scientific journal in which research articles and studies are published in Bulgarian, English and Russian in the fields of:
Health and Sports (Medicine, Public Health, Health Care, Sports);
Social, economic and legal sciences (Social Activities, Arts, Administration and Management, Economics, Tourism);
Technical sciences;
Military sciences;

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To the authors

Only original author's materials are published in the journal, which have not been published so far and have not been submitted for publication in other editions. The journal is multilingual. Texts presented in one of the following languages are accepted: Bulgarian, English and Russian. Materials must be accompanied by a title, abstracts and keywords in a volume of up to 15 lines in Bulgarian and English.
Authors of materials of an economic nature must classify their work according to the JEL classification.

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Goals and scope of the journal

Topics of current and international importance in the context of education, social activities, military sciences, engineering, medicine, arts and sports, humanities, international relations, politics and administration.

Please publish high-value and quality manuscripts to disseminate scientific contributions from your research

Most read articles

Motivational model for contemporary medical tourism development

04 December 2020   251

The article proves the thesis, that the development of a contemporary medical tourism is one of the most promising and attractive areas of entrepreneurship. A motivational model is proposed, according to which the medical tourism should be positioned as a priority area and as a result to be highlighted its strategic importance for the socio-economic development of a particular region or even a country, that is belonging to a community. The


Social media and democracy

04 December 2020   230

Social media allow citizens and activists to share information which is often difficult to access through traditional media. They give the power to control the expression of public opinion in political debate, present a new and innovative way to unite aspirations, spur immediate and mass mobilization, and produce change on wide ranging. Strengthening the link between social participation and internet is an essential condition to ensure the vitality



16 January 2021   181

Dear authors and researchers, 

Scientific Atlas is an online journal with scientific review. 

We invite you to send us your articles and studies for the month of May